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My Wife Loves My Prostate Orgasm Milk

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I had been married for about five years before I had my first prostate orgasm. My wife came home from work one night and started telling me about the things she and her friends were talking about in the lunch room. Honestly, I was pretty surprised, because they were all talking about their sex lives. She mentioned that one friend was trying to convince all the other girls to try and put their finger in their man’s asses, because she swore that the orgasm would be more amazing than anything we had seen before. I told my wife that I would pass.

For weeks, she kept coming home talking about this prostate orgasm. It turns out that the woman who was into it brought her husband out for lunch one day, and got him to admit to liking it. This got all of the women more curious, and they all agreed that they would try to get their husbands to give it a shot. I told my wife that I really wasn’t interested, but if she really thought that it could be that amazing that I would give it a shot. Hell, we have done much kinkier stuff over the years.

So that first night she used her finger and I had a prostate orgasm. It didn’t take too long. Turns out my wife learned just how to do it by talking with this woman at her job. I admitted that I really enjoyed it and suggested we add it to our regular bag of tricks. My wife was very happy, especially because the size of my load was about three times what it would normally be. She likes to swallow, and the fact that I could really give her something to chew on with this technique had her hooked.

She came home a few weeks later with a toy, I think it is called the Mangasm Voyager. Now, I have to tell you that I protested. This thing is pretty big, and it vibrated. I told her that I wasn’t into this and that I didn’t want to mess around with that thing. But she swore that the girls at her office had started using it with their husbands and that everyone was swearing by it. They said that it made the finger technique seem like just a regular old orgasm. Well, I decided that since we had gone this far we might as well.

All I can say is “Oh my god.” I was nervous, and at first it was just a little awkward feeling it in there. But once she got the position just right and the buzzing vibrations started working my prostate I could tell what was coming next. I think it only took about three or four minutes until I came, but it really seemed to last for an hour. When everything tensed up and I started pumping my milk all over my wife’s lips I was surprised – my prostate orgasm was bigger than anything I could imagine.

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